Opportunities come to those who position themselves to receive them. This is true not only at the individual level, but also for the state. Education is the gateway out of poverty for individuals who face difficult challenges. It is also the gateway for advancement as a society. It is critical for this state to support and prioritize education for not only the advancement of individuals, but also to ensure that our state continues to be competitive as it relates to the quality of companies we are able to retain, grow and attract.

As a former educator, I bring a unique perspective to the legislature and will focus on policies that support empowering teachers, parents and students. I will also work to grow our economy to provide more funding for education.  Some ideas include:

  • Support a coordinated effort to develop a statewide strategic plan for both public education and higher education

  • Prioritize education pathways that bridge occupational demands while protecting individual education choices

  • Encourage education policies that support teachers, empower parents and nurture an environment that reinforces constructive and creative thinkers